Register at NCR and fill out your profile details and skills. Pick your best appropriate investment plan. Browse through the projects and pin out the best suited projects. Select the project and start your work on the project and deliver the precise output within the deadline. The project value will be paid to you.
To edit your skills, select ‘Skills’ tab under ‘My Profile’. Click ‘Select your Platforms’. Select your preferred type of project. Then select/deselect the skills which are listed under your selected platform. The basic skills required for the project type you have selected.
For each of the milestones getting completed, the payment will be released. Once the milestone has been approved as completed, the total payment will be divided and released in equal during each of the milestone breakups.
The milestones are totally dependant on the depth of the BRD of each of the project. The projects are analysed and breakups are fixed in the initial stage itself. On touching each of the milestones, payments are released.
Once the completed project is analysed by our team of developers and tested by our QA panel, Administrator will approve your project as completed. Once the project is approved as completed, the payment will be done within 3 days to the bank account specified under the ‘Bank Details’ tab under the ‘My Profile’ page.
We will be providing you the agreement in the legalized paper which will enhance the trust on us.
Based on the investment plan you select, the profit margin you receive will vary. But one thing can be assured that you will receive more than your investment.
After the project is approved as completed from our side, you will receive your payment within 3 working days of time.
An extension of 3 days will be provided and on completing within 3 days, you will receive only 60% of the project amount. After these 3 days, you will receive none.
Once your assigned project is completed, the project is to be uploaded as a file within the project view page. The status of the project is to be made “100”. Your completed project will be listed under the ‘Completed Project’ tab within “My Projects’ page.

To view all the projects click ‘Find Works’ on the main page top ribbon. Select ‘Project with My Skills’. All the projects matching your entered skills will be displayed. To view all the projects, uncheck your skills and click search.

To view all the projects from Dashboard, click ‘Load More’ under the ‘New Projects’ section in the left side panel beneath the profile picture.

To pick the investment plan, select ‘Investment Plan’ from the top ribbon. All the investment plans will be listed. Select your desired plan and click ‘Select’. You will be contacted by our team at the earliest.
The renewal amount will be credited to our bank account on the 365th day from the day of actual project amount payment.
Select ‘Get Support’ page. Select your desired section of ‘Department’. Set the ‘Priority’. Drop in your ticket and you will get answered immediately.